Private Medical Insurance

Over the past decade, through extensive research, a consensus has emerged that healthy employees are more productive employees.

PHS aims to help you improve the health, and therefore productivity of your employees through introducing you to one of our specialist Private Medical Insurance Brokers.

Our Directors have a wealth of experience within the Health sector, and are passionate about introducing you to the correct broker for your needs.

Employees who have more health risks will experience more absenteeism and presenteeism than employees with fewer risks

Your key employees and shareholders are your biggest assets, so reducing their health risks is essential to your businesses performance.

Private Medical Insurance can help you achieve this, and alongside Business Protection it can make a real impact on the growth of your business.

Our brokers can also illuminate how these two forms of protection can work together to reduce cost!

The Facts!


“69% of employers say that employees’ health and wellbeing has a direct effect on productivity.”

“66% of workers said that they would work harder for an employer that invested in their health.

(Aviva Health of the Workplace Report, 2012)

Can the NHS provide your employees with the healthcare they need? With budget cuts and increasing waiting times, going private appears to be the only sensible option! And a company private medical insurance package can make this extremely affordable!
The Independent, 2017

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